Publishing Services

We write and produce scripts/write-ups for different purposes. You can commission us to write articles for your blog, magazines or anything else for that matter.

We also offer editing services for your books, articles, magazines, etc.

We format and edit your books for publishing on popular eBook platforms like, Amazon, Lulu and Okada books.

We also write and produce scripts for film, radio and television programmes, documentaries, etc.

Please check our blog and follow us for interesting short stories, series and opinion pieces. Follow us on social media for new information and alerts on the new interesting things we have on our blog and also new services we offer.


We specialize in the coverage of all forms of events, marriage ceremonies, corporate events, religious events, photoshoots, etc. Contact us for more information on our cost effective photography coverage plans.


We carry out video coverage of all forms of events like corporate events, religious events, marriage events, family events, etc.  Contact us for more information on our affordable video coverage plans.

Radio and Television Productions

We write and also produce programmes for radio and television. We also produce our own programmes for radio and television.