The journey has been tough.

The tide has been rough.

Struggling through a challenging ride.

We’ve been pushing through the tide.

60 years, we’ve been stuck together.

Through all odds with each other.

Like the Israelites in Egypt,

we’ve been bloodied.

We’ve been repressed.

We’ve sank.

Deeper than we ever thought we’ll ever sink.

But hey! It’s a journey.

As wine gets better with age,

We will gel and wax stronger.

We have grown mightier.

Our destination is still a long way off

But the distance will not put us off.

We will persevere,

to get what we deserve.

There’s light far out in the distance.

We’ll rally.

We go ginger ourselves, because,

together we are unstoppable,

We are unbeatable.

We are indomitable.

We are impregnable.

We are great and we shall conquer.

We are Naija. We are Nigerians.


By Oluwaseyi Olusanya

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