The Wrong Prey (Final Episode)

The Wrong Prey (Final Episode)

He saw a face, a mass of black and a flash of steel as it caught the light from the burning fires. He tried to evade the flashing steel but he wasn’t fast enough. He felt a sharp pain on the side of his right breast. He looked into the face of his attacker and saw it was the woman who had attacked him earlier with a machete. She removed the blade and tried to stab him again.

He staggered backwards but she went after him. She slashed the knife sideways aiming for his neck, but he moved underneath it even as he tried to regain his footing. She slashed forward again not giving him the chance to catch his breath or regain his footing. She was angry and she was desperate. He dodged the blade again, but this time he lost his footing and fell on his back.

She charged at him to finish him off. He’d had enough. He pointed the gun at her and fired twice. She dropped the knife and fell across him dead. He breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to relax, but he remembered the man in the white garment. He had to let go of the gun in order to push the woman away with his right hand.

He managed to push her away from his body only to see the man standing over him. He couldn’t tell what the man was holding, but it seemed to be his stick raised high above him in a striking position. Jide rolled away just in time leaving the gun behind. He saw the stick hit the spot where his head had been a second before.

He scrambled to his feet doing his best to move away from the man, but the man in white was persistent. He went after Jide with his stick raised. He swung at Jide who stepped to the side and moved away from his reach. The man came after him again still not giving him the chance to catch his breath or regain his balance.

The stick was long which meant the man’s reach was longer.  But that also made the man’s recovery time after each swing longer. Jide was astounded the man could move as fast as he did at his age, whilst swinging his staff around like he was doing.

Jide caught a glimpse of the gun just to his left between three and five metres behind the man. The man swung again, this time low, aiming for his belly. Jide bent into a crouch and dived under the stick. He landed on his belly. He pushed himself up with both hands hurting his left hand in the process. He cried out as pain shot up his arm.

He half ran and half staggered towards the gun. He fell over it, grabbed it and turned around just in time to fire a burst of three shots at point blank range into the chest of the onrushing priest whose downward swing of his stick stopped in mid-air. The stick dropped from his hands. He grabbed his chest and staggered backwards a few steps before he fell down.

Jide lay back on the ground, breathing hard as he tried to catch his breath. He laid there for the next fifteen seconds with the gun lying on his chest. He didn’t want to get comfortable because he was afraid someone else would show up.

When he got up, he looked around the carnage and the sheer barbarity of everything. He made his way out of the clearing and down the path. He got to the place where the cars were parked, went passed it and continued onto the exit road. He went past the two bullet ridden and damaged cars. He stopped at the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, opened the door and entered.

He sat down for some twenty minutes inside the car as he thought of everything which had happen that night. With the number of high profiled people involved, when the story breaks it was going to be huge. He decided not to bother himself about it, but to focus on how he was going to get out of the place. He needed to find his way out of this accursed place.

He decided to wait until the morning before trying to find his way out of the place. But not where he was. He got the engine running, reversed and drove down the road.

The End


By Albert Kolawole


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