The Wrong Prey (Episode 14)

The Wrong Prey (Episode 14)

He continued down the path on his way to look for a direct entry into their fetish, evil gathering. After some twenty metres, the path turned to the left. Now this was an area he wasn’t familiar with. From that point he moved with caution.

Voices carried by the wind reached him. He knew he was on the right path. He continued down that path until it snaked a bit to his left. The voices reaching him were louder at this point. He paused at the edge of the entrance to listen because he expected them or their guards if they had any left to have taken up defensive positions.

Animated voices were coming in his direction from down the path. He paused to hear what they were saying but all he could pick up was chatter. Then, he heard a man who sounded angry shouting at the top of his voice.

“Have you heard from the men you sent out after him yet”

“No sir, we haven’t,” a voice replied. Jide couldn’t hear the voice well because it was subdued. “We have been trying to reach them but they aren’t answering.”

He remembered he had forgotten to take the radio from the car.

“Remind me again,” the first voice asked. “How many men are we dealing with here?”

“Just… one sir,” the second voice replied. “I believe.”

“You can’t handle one man, who according to you is injured. What are we paying you for?”

“I’m sorry sir.”

“High Priest,” the first voice went on. “You have to fortify these men with not only body protection charms, but also with wisdom charms.”

So they’re fortified, Jide thought. Oh, how much he longed to test their body protection charms. He turned into this path keeping close to the edge. The angry voice was still ranting about his life being in danger because of incompetent overpaid fools and all, when Jide saw the first of the men a few metres in front.

It was one of the men who was putting on the traditional hunters’ garbs with all the accompanying charms. Keeping close to the edge of the bushes, Jide was protected from his view as he crept close to the man. When he was within a metre the man corked his head like he had heard something. He turned to see what had made the sound

Jide covered the distance between them and rammed the butt of the gun into his face hitting him square on the nose. For a moment, he feared his right hand wouldn’t be able to muster enough force for the blow. The man fell backwards landing on his back. Before he could get his wits back about him, Jide placed his right feet on his chest to keep him down and rammed the wood and iron butt of the gun into his nose and then onto his forehead three times knocking him out. He left the man bleeding and unconscious behind him.

He flipped the weapon around in mid-air to hold it in the right position in preparation to fire. He still hadn’t tested their invincibility to bullets. He was about to step forward when another of the men dressed in a hunter’s garb garnished with amulets appeared up ahead. He opened fire on the man as he advanced knocking him backwards.

The man fell to the ground and was still trying to get up. I guess their do charms work, he thought to himself as he hurried forward and kicked the man in the face as he tried to get back on his feet. The man landed on his back looking dazed. Before he could make another attempt to get back up, Jide stamped on his face knocking his head backwards into the ground and crushing his nose. He stomped on the man’s face again and again until he stopped moving.


To be continued…

By Albert Kolawole


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