The Wrong Prey (Episode 12)

The Wrong Prey (Episode 12)

All he wanted was to get away from the godforsaken place. Then something hit him when he thought of the men who were never going to get back home to their families. How their families would never know what happened to them? How no one would ever really be able to prosecute the men behind their abduction and the influential men who were behind it all. His mind went to the altar and he stepped on the brakes of the car making it screech to a halt as the powerful engines channeled stalling power to the four tires which gripped the dusty soil of the dirt road.

He took off his shirt. That took him about a minute to accomplish. He removed his singlet next and folded it into a long strip. Using it as a bandage, he wrapped it around his swollen left hand beginning from the wrist. The pain brought tears to his eyes. He tied it up his hand until he had covered the thumb completely to keep it in place against the rest of his hand to stop it from moving around. Its movement caused him much pain. He needed to be free to move around without it dangling around and hurting him.

His singlet had gone around the hand twice before he tied it. It would work as a temporal POP to keep his thumb in place. He still had access to his upper fingers which were still in the open especially his little, ring and index fingers.

He put on his shirt again and tried to button it back up. But the effort and time he realized he was going to need to accomplish the task put him off it so he stopped. He picked up the AK-47 rifle which was lying next to him on the passenger seat in front. He checked it and made sure a round was in the chamber.

He drove the car forward to his right to the edge of the dirt road even leaving it for a couple of feet before he turned the steering around completely to the left. The vehicle did a complete turnaround on the road but also entered the bush on the other side by a couple of feet as the car faced the direction he had been coming from. He spun the steering back to steady the vehicle on the middle of the road.

He had no clear plan in mind on how he was going to go about making the men pay by serving them his own brand of justice. He only knew he wanted to give them hell and that he was ready to do. In his vengeful mind he didn’t care if he died. He only wanted to send as much of them to hell as possible because that was where he was convinced they all belonged.

He sped down the road determined to take down every human being moving around freely. To him, any human moving with freedom within that accursed area was a part of them and deserved no mercy. He intended to show them no mercy.

Some twenty metres before he got back to the entrance which led into the makeshift car park, a pick-up truck and a saloon car turned into the road. He used the bottom of his left palm to steady the steering wheel as best as he could, while he fumbled with the seat belt just as he stepped harder on the accelerator instead of stopping to ensure he had put it on before he attempted what he had in mind. He managed to clip in the seat belt when he was just a few metres away from the pick-up truck in front.

The driver of the pick-up truck in front had seen him. The driver and his passenger wondered what he was up to. They expected him to be running away and not coming back. Was he crazy? All of these thoughts were still going through the minds of the driver and the other man with him as they tried to process what was happening when the vehicle picked up speed.

Was he mad? Both men wondered as the big, luxurious, armoured SUV sped towards them. Alarmed the driver tried to back away but he backed into the saloon car behind him. By the time the driver turned around to look in front of him the SUV had crashed into them. He remembered too late he hadn’t put on his seat belt.

Jide ran into them headlong. He could see them trying to get out of the way. He saw the shock and fear in their eyes just before he rammed into them at more than a hundred and thirty kilometres an hour. The airbag installed in the steering wheel popped out in a split second on impact. He felt his body fly forward but got caught up between the airbag and his seat belt both of which stopped him from hitting the steering wheel.


To be continued…

By Albert Kolawole

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