The Wrong Prey (Episode 11)

The Wrong Prey (Episode 11)

Two men who appeared to be guarding the car park turned around to see him, but he had come ready to shoot anything which threatened to stand in his way. These guys were part of those standing in his way. He raised the gun and fired a short burst of bullets straight into the chest of the first man. The second man opened fire at him but he was already moving to his right and down towards a Ford Explorer to use it as a cover.

The man stopped firing. He wasn’t sure if the man was being conscious not to waist bullets or if he was trying not to damage the vehicle. Well, if it was the later, he didn’t care. In fact, he would love to leave more than bullet holes in all the vehicles if he could.

The radio was now crackling non-stop. The person speaking on the radio seemed to be running. He had no doubt they were running in the direction of this car park. He looked above the bonnet of the car to see where the other guard was. He was some five metres away. Two vehicles stood between them.

He realized the sound from the radio was drawing the man to his position making him an easy target. He unhooked the radio and left it chattering on the ground. With the gun slung across his shoulder, he crept away using his right hand as support. He went to hide behind the next vehicle parked right behind that one. He readied himself and waited with the gun pointed in the direction of the radio where he expected the man to show up.

He waited for just ten seconds before the man turned around the edge of the car and opened fire on the radio. The man was standing exactly where he had expected him to be. Jide couldn’t see his face in the dim light but he knew he would be very surprised. He squeezed the trigger hitting the man in the chest twice. The man went down with a shout.

Jide got up and walked over to where the man was lying. He picked up the radio to see if it was damaged. It was. The man was writhing on the ground in pain. Jide kicked his weapon away from his reach before moving closer to him. He removed the man’s radio which was pinned to his waist. It was turned off. If he wanted to sneak up on someone he would also have switched off his radio too.

He thought of finishing the man off knowing if the man was in his shoes he wouldn’t have mercy. But he thought against it. The man would likely die from blood loss anyway. He walked away as he reached into his pocket to retrieve the car keys. He brought it out and pressed a button to find the car. It was a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon parked some ten metres from his position.

He half smiled. He hadn’t driven one before. The car was parked just at the edge which meant it was easy to get out of the group of cars. He hurried over to the car, opened the door and entered. He breathed a sigh of relief and then whistled in admiration at the white leather interior.

He turned on the engine, engaged the automatic gear shift to drive. He stepped on the accelerator just as two men charged out of the path he had come out from earlier. They hesitated for a moment before they opened fire on the vehicle. Because he had to drive around the outer road around the group of cars, he had to drive past the entrance into the path.

The men had been caught by surprise and had very little time to back away because the distance between them were less than seven metres and he was already flying at them at top speed in the G-Wagon. Caught by surprise, the only option the men had was to open fire at him to turn him away, or to kill him which would cause him to crash the vehicle away from them.

Jide half thought he was dead because more than half of the bullets fired by the men had come in his direction. It was hard for them to miss from that distance. The bullets fired at close range only made marks on the windscreen before they dropped off like stones. The G-Wagon was bulletproof. It was a fortunate coincidence for Jide, but bad luck for the two men.

One realized too late the vehicle was bulletproof and Jide ran down straight ahead knocking him over the vehicle to land to his right where he rolled into the bush. The second man who had been the first to notice the vehicle was bulletproof and had tried to run couldn’t make it back into the path before Jide knocked him forward. Jide could have sworn he heard the man’s bones crack, but he believed his mind was playing tricks on him. The vehicle had only knocked the man forward into its path only to run over him, this time going over him.

He didn’t feel nothing for both men as he turned onto the road which was a dirt road with no paving as he had expected. The powerful headlamps lit up the road for over fifty metres in front of him. This car is impressive, he muttered to himself. He stepped down harder on the accelerator and the vehicle surged forward. He was confident he would notice anything which could be on the road before he got there.


To be continued…

By Albert Kolawole

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