The Wrong Prey (Episode 9)

The Wrong Prey (Episode 9)

His eyes scanned the small crowd counting them as he did. In all, there were thirty men dressed in the red costumes. There were five other men standing guard who were all dressed in  local hunter garbs. He noticed they were the men who had been masquerading as police officers – or, were they really police officers? There was no way they could be, he decided.

He was about to turn around so he could leave the area when he heard a sound behind him. He turned to see someone creeping up on him. Seeing he had been noticed, the person charged at Jide wielding something long and sharp which caught the silvery light of the moon.

Jide moved into fright mode for a split second and then onto fight mode. The person swung the object at his head. He ducked just in time with the sharp object missing his head by a couple of inches. The person stopped and swung the object backwards in a wide sweeping arc at his head.

This time he was ready, he moved under the object and covered the distance to the person with his right hand rolled up into a fist. He threw a right handed upper cut which caught the person somewhere between under the chin and the throat. The flesh felt very soft to his fist.

The person croaked in pain as he went down. The sound was surprisingly female. He bent down to look at the face. He saw just enough to know it was the woman he had asked to wait behind for him. Even though he couldn’t see much of the face in the soft light of the moon, the clothing was the same as well as the hairstyle. Without any doubt, it was her. He was confused. But he didn’t have much time to wonder because he could hear people hurrying in his direction.

Thinking fast, he reached for the shiny object and discovered it was a machete. He picked it up, turned and ran. He stopped at a tree some fifteen metres away from where he had been standing. He made himself small to avoid detection as he watched to see what would happen. He knew they wouldn’t expect him to hang around. He was confident they won’t be able to see him – not in the darkness.

He saw three of the men wearing hunters’ garbs step out through the bushes looking around. All three were carrying torch lights. They all stopped around where the woman was lying on the ground. One of them bent down to examine the woman while the other two pointed the beams of their torch lights in every direction. He crouched lower.

There was something about the way the man was examining the woman. It was clear he knows her very well. Like they were comrades or friends.

“She fainted,” he heard the one examining her say. “She’s bruised. I believe she was hit with something hard.”

“Go and check the house,” he heard one of them say.

He watched two of the men leave. He maintained his position as they walked past him some metres to his left. He waited for about a minute and a half before he slipped away backwards keeping his eyes on the one who seemed to be their leader as he attended to the woman.


He knew he had little time to make a headway before they came back to look for him. He calculated the time they would need to get to the room where he had been kept with the others and back to report he was missing was some two minutes or more. He arrived at this time frame because while they went with caution expecting an enemy to attack them, they were going to return in much less time due to panic.

He went in search of whatever means of transport the men in the gathering had come with. They may be a cult or something similarly occultist but he was certain they didn’t appear at the gathering through magic because this wasn’t some fictional Harry Potter Floo powder thing.

He made a wide detour around the gathering, going through bushes against which the machete came in very handy. When he was beginning to think the bushes was never going to end he stumbled onto a path in the bush.

He was about to breathe a sigh of relief when he heard a sound behind him to his right. He turned to see a man walking fast towards him. He could see the man was holding something black and long to his right side. It was the exact measurement of an AK-47 with an iron and wooden butt.


To be continued…

By Albert Kolawole


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